The Nintendo Switch paid online service, is it worth the money? (Video)

Nintendo Switch Online Pricing Plans

Price-wise, the Nintendo Switch Online service will come in at $19.99 per year when it launches fully in 2018. There will also be $3.99 per month and $7.99per three month options for those who are more reluctant to commit. Those figures are in line with the company’s previously announced pricing estimate.Jun 2, 2017

Check your Switch! Nintendo fans are reporting cracked consoles

Nintendo Life’s Damien McFerran noticed this week that his own Nintendo Switch — which he has had since it launched last year — had developed small cracks along its top. On his unit, they were primarily located in the small plastic bars running along the console’s vents at the top, as well as next to the game card slot.

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Nintendo UK Is Asking For As Much As £180 To Repair Cracked Switch Consoles

Following our poll on the issue of cracked Switch systems, we’ve been contacted by several people regarding their attempts to get the issue solved under warranty.

In case you somehow missed it, the issue appears to be related to the type of plastic used on the console, and (we assume, as we’re no experts here) its reaction to the high levels of heat kicked out when the machine is running at full pelt, either in handheld or docked mode.

After publishing our original poll – in which 20 percent of over 1000 people stated their systems had developed cracks (that’s 1 in 5 Switch consoles, math-fans) – Nintendo UK issued us with a statement which said it had not received enough ‘confirmed’ reports of the issue to take any action at this time, but that anyone with the problem should get in touch immediately.

We’ve had several such individuals who have contacted us and reported exactly what happens when you get in touch with Nintendo about the cracks. Matthew Croghan – who got in touch via Twitter after seeing the original story – has detailed the chain of events that led up to him being asked for a whopping £180 to fix the fault.

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Nintendo tells Switch users dead pixels are their problem

Gamers distracted by display issues told that their consoles are not defective, as well as being told not to play near microwaves, laptops, phones – or aquariums

Switch owners complaining of distracting dead or stuck pixels, or light or dark patches on the screens of their brand new consoles, are being told by Nintendo that they are “normal” and are not defects.

New Switch players have taken to online discussion boards, including a 2,000-comment strong Reddit post, to complain of screen issues distracting play, unbecoming of a £280 handheld gaming machine.

In a support document entitled “There are black or bright dots on the Nintendo Switch screen that do not go away, or there are dark or light patches on the screen” Nintendo said: “Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect.”

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The Joy-Con is Stuck and Cannot Be Detached

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